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10 Haziran 2016 Cuma


The nowadays, Islam is associated with terror and destruction, once upon a time it was the religion what led to find Zero and Algorithm and it was a cause for philosophical development. During the period of El Mutezile (Principal Reformism) the doors of thinking of science and wisdom were wide open. Before the perspective of Murji'ah (Reactionary) was supported by the sultans to rule over the people, there was a man who was the master of medicine and astrology, Ibn Sina whose name is Avisenna in Latin.

Another important person was Al Khwarizmi, who invented the number zero, the algorithm and algebra and thus shaped the future and Technology. There were also Islamic scholars who had enriched astrology. The Arab point and many other insights were integrated by the Mutezile Muslims in Astrology.

The impartial and independent research that I have carried out over the Quran and the Bible, I have discovered surprisingly many esoteric meanings. The knowledge of mine over geography, philosophy, history, religious history, symbolism and astrology helped to find out many interesting things. I have written these in my books and explained on TV Screen several times.

The fundamental basis of faith Astrology 
(Islam and Christianity), the Kaaba and the Cross

In the world, there is great prejudice against astrology. Many people are against to it, because they think that astrology has no relation with science, philosophy, life and faith.

As I introduced the faith astrology to on the Turkish TV channels, I could destroy Prejudices. Thus, the respect for astrology among the Religious Muslims in Turkey has greatly increased. My three books '' Astrology in Islam '' and '' Kaaba's life Encryption-Language of Symbols '', "The Language of our Palms and Hands ", have attracted great interest and publicity. Since my books have not been translated into other languages ​​so far, I could only inform my Turkish readers.

What is Faith Astrology?

What are the codes of faith Astrology?

Today, the astrology lovers encountered Vedic, Chinese, Celtic, Greek and Kabbalah Astrologies, but not yet the Islamic Astrology and Christian Astrology too.

What are the foundations of the Islamic astrology and how can Astrology and Life Codes be found in Christian Astrology too?

In the Qur'an, it is stated that the basis of life is dry mud, Human body has been created of Dried Clay. Dried Clay has been described purely symbolic and esoteric expressions. With dried clay, we see four life elements. Air and Fire elements come with drying. Water and Earth are in Clay.

These expressions symbolize both the four cardinal points, and the cube-shaped Kaaba and Cross of Jesus which is shaped as the walls of Kaaba on the ground opened (Please look at Kaaba Cube and opened Cross on the Shape). In the Islamic and Christian history of the world, this relationship was philosophically and esoterically discussed firstly by me and my books.

Air Element:

In the Islamic astrology air sign is symbolized with the eastern side (corner and wall) of the Kaaba (where the Door meets sun shines and The Muslims starts turning around of it), the rising of the sun, the archangel Gabriel and the human mind. All symbolizing Air and Wisdom. But the mind is often sceptical and believes only if it has evidence.

Many years in history, many of findings have been written down on paper by flying bird feather when there was no pen but it. The Turkish word akil (intelligence) comes from the Arabic UKL and UKL means The Connection. Consisting of seven verses First Chapter of Koran  Fatiha and it means '' opening '' where there is the door on east side. The seven circumambulations around the Kaaba have determined the sound, the rhythm of the music of seven notes, the emergence of seven colours and the seven principles of life. Seven days of the week many other are these 7 principals of Koran which are written on The Opening Chapter. The left brain of man refuses to believe in Gods and refuses the faiths too. The right half is emotional and and it is ready to accept a god. So the brain knows when it yes or no to say. "No" means in Arabic "La", meaning refusal. Yes means "Illa" and means acceptance. La ilahe illa Allah means NO to the idols and YES to the God (Allah ). This is purification of mind when to say NO or Yes. Wisdom comes with listening modestly. So we have to be modest for correct listening and keeping the doors open to let the information in. Aquarius is the symbol and 11th house ( 09:00- 11:00 am when the mind is very active in mornings) in Zodiac is the gate for understanding and group working just like circumambulations around of Kaaba.

In Christian Astrology, the air element symbolizes the Gospel of Luke and the wisdom of Jesus Christ. We know that the face of Jesus looked toward the north, where Eurasia is (most people, to whom he taught his doctrine, were at that time in the north) we understand why the Bible to defend itself against to people dazzled by wealth, people was taught and warned of arrogance, pride and thankfulness.

The right hand of Jesus has been nailed and it symbolizes namely the above-mentioned favourite sins (arrogance, pride and thankfulness) of the devil. Christians should draw the lesson that Jesus Christ has suffered in his heart because of these sins of the people; Right Hands Nail was (Arrogance).

Earth Element:

In the Islamic astrology, the earth sign symbolizes the northern side of the Kaaba. Eurasia is seen from the north of the Kaaba, the rich continent Eurasia, the earth signs Taurus (Taurus Mountains in Anatolia are in the North Of Kaaba) , the Archangel Michael, the city of Istanbul , whose north side is in the sign of Taurus, and the like a bull looking Marmara Sea. One of the main colours of the sign of Taurus is Light Purple and it is also the colour of Istanbul (Istanbul has become Capital City on 11th May 330 in Taurus sign). Bakara (The Cow) is the second Chapter in the Koran meaning The Cow. The second house in the horoscope is the Taurus home in Zodiac. Abu Bakr (First Caliph of Muslims) who was very generous man getting up early and working hard and giving money the poor, his name BAKR means the one who gets up early in virgin time (03:00-05:00).

The rulers of Taurus are Venus and Earth.

In Christian Astrology earth symbolizes the gospel of Matthew, generosity and the crown of thorns of Jesus. These thorns symbolize the infinite ambition to the ownership of land, the interpersonal struggles to crown and throne and the consequential greatest pain of Jesus Christ. Jesus thought followers to share the wealth with the poor, not to be greedy. The statements of Jesus are a critique of those people who do not like the share and give. So Jesus head was wounded by because of the sins of greediness.

Fire Element:

In the Islamic astrology fire sign symbolizes the Archangel Israphil, the western side of the Kaaba, which points in the direction of the hottest and poorest deserts. In these deserts, the poorest people of the world live. The living in the Sahara desert, for example, Africans have little food and water.  The fire sign shows as lust and anger to. This behaviour is curbed during Lent Ramadan through patience and kindness.

Ramadan literally means '' the furnace ''. The hunger in Ramadan a person can better enable a starving people and thus feels ready to support. The LEO is a fire sign, symbolizing the western side of the Kaaba. In Islam, it is claimed that the destruction of the world will start after evening prayers. The evening 19: 00-21: 00 symbolize the fifth house in the horoscope. This house is the leo house and also symbolizes passionate love, lust, children.

In Christian Astrology fire signs symbolizing the Gospel of John. The suffering of Jesus Christ through the nailed left hand has felt. This suffering symbolizes adultery, cruel destruction, child abuse, rape victims, child murder and their suffering. Jesus left hand was nailed because of the lustful adulatory, and every kind of genocides, violations in Africa and killing the red skins in Wild West. Nailed left hand pain is for these sins.

Water Element:

In the Islamic astrology the watermark shows the past of a man who comes from a drop of liquid fertilization. Researches have shown that the water has a memory. South of the Kaaba are mostly oceans. Arabic is one of the languages ​​that have a rich vocabulary. Mother is in the Arabic language and the word Ummu Ummet (community) was derived from the word mother. Ummah means communities mutually be treated like a mother. During Pilgrimage, Muslims should understand the importance of the Ummah and bring into being. The Scorpio sign is very backward looking. It symbolizes the eighth house in the horoscope, which in turn symbolizes the afternoon prayer and the angel of death, Azrail. Since after the afternoon prayer, the sun will be soon goes reminded that everything is temporary and the one here in the world does not have much time to live in. Here it is said: '' Let the experienced difficult times in your past go and watch forward. Prepare for the Hereafter. Pay attention to your behaviour. Be penitent ". The ablution of the afternoon prayer symbolizes the cleansing and healing the past. Visiting Kaaba and being Universal cleans the sins too after regrets.

In Christian Astrology watermark symbolizes the Gospel of Mark. The water sign Pisces symbolizes among other feet. The nailed feet of Jesus symbolize the problems caused by emotions sins that racist violence and murders, the destruction and discrimination of a different faith, Jesus Christ suffered as pain all these sins on the nailed feet which symbols where we are from, our past.

While a Christian performs in sign of the cross and touching on his chest with his 2 fingers and thumb, he exclaims to have atoned for his sins. In this way shows the one that he is aware of his mistakes and he lost the past sins and promises not to commit again those discriminative sins. Baptism is a ritual of serving and being dirt-free.

Faith astrology, prayer and hands

The hand of man has five fingers, which four of them symbolize the elements of life and the thumb the soul. The pointing finger symbolizes air and mind, the middle finger is the earth and symbolizes the work labours endeavours and the effort, the ring finger is the fire and symbolizes the lust and the passion (That’s why the marriage ring is here to show that lust is ringed) and the little finger is the water and symbolizes the emotions.

A palm has three main lines. That once the lifeline, then the line of the intelligence and the heart line. In the Islamic prayer palms facing upwards. Thus man is directed to God, to have the skills, symbolizing the fingers with full knowledge, and asks thus for his help.

Islamic Prayer: On the surface of the left hand you can see the number 81 in Arabic. On the right, however, the number 18. Altogether, this creates the number 99 which represents the 99 names of God in Koran. God says in Koran to pray with those names. The God, the Merciful the Creator etc.

Christian Prayer: Both at the beginning and at the end of prayer meet at the sign of the cross of the index finger and the thumb. The thumb symbolizes the creative force (the soul). The index finger symbolizes the Archangel Gabriel, the Holy Spirit, the air element and intelligence. The middle finger symbolizes Jesus Christ and the endeavour earth or power. That is the message of God that man should do his intelligence, his power and his soul together. That the ring finger and the little finger means standing side by side on the palm over the life sign that the faith is transmitted through the passion and emotions to life. During a prayer, a Christian / in prayer must be going through the head, so that the soul can focus on the intelligence and power. He has to think about what he wants from God, because everything hurts him should be avoided.


The most important symbol of Islam is the crescent moon, but the Kaaba. And the most important symbol of Christianity is the cross.

Basically, these two symbols have great relationships. Both religions believe in the same symbols, which point to the same principles of life. Astrology is a universal vision that has enabled me to find out these principles and to write in my books.

The reason why these two belief systems have so many similarities has something to do with the Kaaba and the cross. These two symbols are almost similar and the message which is addressed to the people is also similar.

1. Air: Do not be arrogant. Be humble and find wisdom. Warning to Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

2. Earth: Share what you have and find the blessing. Warning to Capricorn, Virgo and Stie.

3. Fire: Be mindful of your anger, be patient and find mercy. Warning to Aries, Sagittarius and Leo.

4. Water: Do not live in the past, live not territorial, but be universal. Warning to cancer, fish and scorpion.

Actually the suffering of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion stands for the main four types of major sins. What today is about it explains the cube (Kaaba) and the cross, which was opened by a cube in the form of a cross by the sins. Both wanted humanity symbolically give the same message: '' Look out! The devil will creep up from four sides by means of the four elements.

Ayhan Özcimbit (Islamic Astrology and Natal. My book published in Istanbul in 2011)


PS: I would like to publish my books in other countries under the name of Faith Astrology. I request and call all publishing houses which may be interested in publishing in different languages.

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