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24 Ocak 2012 Salı

Codes of Kaaba & the Meaning of Life - Why is Kaaba a cube?

(Understanding the Meaning of Life in 5D)

Abraham the Prophet, who was the father of Isaac and Ishmael, took his wife Hagar and Ishmael to Mecca. Abraham the Prophet and his son Ishmael built Kaaba where was pointed by Gabriel. Kaaba was built in shape of Cube.

Kaaba means "Cube" in Arabic language. It symbolizes the Peace and Life. The Lord of the Universe created Adam and Eve from four elements, air, fire, earth and water. Koran writes that The God created Adam from dried (Air Fire) clay (Earth Water).When The God created Adam and Eve, He wanted Angels and Satan to respect but Satan was very angry at the God and was jealous of Adam.

Satan said: "Because You have thrown me out of the way, lo! I will lie in wait for them on Your straight way: Then will I assault them from before them and behind them, from their right and their left: Nor You will -not- find, in most of them, gratitude (for your mercies)."Chapter Araf 16-17 Koran.

We can easily understand that  Satan also knows the weakness of Adam and he already knows these 4 elements gave him ideas and signs how to act in his mission.

Satan approaches sons of Adam from right ( for the AIR element )whispering them to be proud of the things he owns such as knowledge-Arrogance. 

Satan whispers us to be greedy ( for the EARTH element ) to save our future so thinking the future we forget to trust in the Lord so we never share (Greediness). 

Satan whispers our FIRE side to be lustful and brutal. (Violence and Adultary).

Satan whispers our water side (Our past) to make our minds always busy of the things that we lived. Emotions must not mislead us. ( Fascism and Nationalist views).

The Lord of the Universe ordered Abraham the Prophet via Gabriel that Kaaba must have been built in Cube shape against to every sort of fake temples on Earth. 

Kaaba is modest and humble on contrary to Pyramids in Egypt, Temples of Greeks, huge Cathedrals or today's Muslim Mosques. The message was brief to all of them, "You have to be modest, humble, generous and self controlled universal."

How do I know this message?

Kaaba is not only in Golden Rate point but also its corners indicate the directions of compass same as four elements. Kaaba has more relations with life elements than we imagine.

The East corner of Kaaba has also the door that symbolizes the wisdom, Air side of Human, Gabriel who brings our wisdom the message of Lord, The First Chapter of Koran ( The Opening Chapter-Surei Fatiha). This corner symbolizes Sentence for the Monotheism (Kelime Tevhid) "There are no gods but The GOD-El Ilah". When we accept the Grandeur of The Lord and say that nothing is equal to Him, our wisdom stops being proud of anything we have. Kelimei Tewhid is a must and it cleans our wisdom.
(This corner symbolizes AIR, Wisdom, Gabriel, Fatiha Chapter of Koran, Accepting Monotheist Sentence of Islam, Far East and knowladge)

The North corner of Kaaba, symbolizes our Earth side. Kaaba gives an important message as well, that there is more land in the North of the World (Eurasia) no need to fight for land and money. Allah (The God) points that there is enough land (earth) so stop being greedy and do not fight each other for lands and start giving ZAKAH ( Money that has to be given to the POOR). Satan comes and whispers neither to share nor to be generous. So, to stop Satan, we have to help the orphans, poor widows, and homeless elderly. ZAKAH is a must in Islam. It cleans our wealth and opens our future. Our future is NOT the above the Earth but beneath the Earth because we will die at the end.
(This corner symbolizes Earth, Wealth, Future, Michael, Bakara Chapter of Koran, Helping the Poor financially Zaqah, Eurasia)

The West of Kaaba symbolizes the FIRE side of us and LIFE. The Lord gave us lust to marry and have children. Having a family is a must for a strong society. The Lord of The Universe gave us anger to be against to any kind of CRUELS, to be patiend and soft for the innocent and poor. To obtain this, Ramadan is a Must and Fasting is important to have a steady SELFCONTROLL. When we can not fast (because of illness etc) and if we are rich, we have to give food the HUNGRY. West side of Kaaba, indicates the poorest part of the World (Africa).Satan always whisper our lust to cheat our wife and whispers our anger to attack and fight for Nationalist, Regionist, Racist Fire in our hearts. Ramadan is a mercy of the Lord that educates us not to be Fascists and Discriminative. Islam warns human being that SATAN is the first Fascist saying that he was from Fire, Adam is from clay. Ramadan reminds us many humanist values that we started to forget in Capitalism.
(This corner symbolizes Fire, Lust and Anger Controll, Ramadan, Israphil-that will bring the doomsday, Al'i Imran Chapter of Koran, Fasting in Ramadan and self control, African Deserts where the west corner indicates Sahara )  

The South of Kaaba, symbolizes the Water of Life and our water side that indicates our past, where we are from ( our souls are from the breath of the Lord ). There is more water (oceans) in the south of the World. The Lord gave us the water side to see that we are all the same and from the same elements and souls. PILGRAMAGE is a must in Islam to gather people all around the world to see that everyone is equal for The Lord. Because, Pilgrims have to wear the same clothes (Ihram) to understand that races, nations, areas, sexes, social statuses are not important, the most important things are Takwa (Beware), Ihsan(Love), Iman (Faith) and Sincerity. Pilgrimage is a must in Islam if we have power to travel, so we will see other nations and be UNIVERSAL.
(This corner symbolizes Water, Emotions, Past, Azrael, Nisa Chapter of Koran, Going to Kaaba for pilgrimage to be Universal Muslim. Oceans which was indicated by south corner)  

The Roof side of Kaaba symbolizes our souls that were given by the Lord. The Worship of Soul is to Pray five times starting with Fatiha (Opening Chapter of Koran) reciting "I thank to the Lord of the Universe" making Satan very sad. This chapter makes Satan fail in his mission of approaching.
(This surface symbolizes the Praying 5 times a day to clean the soul)

In Base of Kaaba, a big stone had been found writing that "The One who made a favour made for his salvation, The One who made sins made them for his Punishment". We can easily see that the base of Kaaba symbolizes the JUSTICE and its Child PEACE.

I tried to explain my claims on TNT Channel in Istanbul. But I found a little chance to explain all.

You can watch the program subtitled in English.
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsmcYASvX-4&list=UU67zNV2b87gL86KrlKksPpA&index=11&feature=plcp )

Kind Regards

Investigative Author
Ayhan Özcimbit


Warning: The knowledge that is written here is from my book and my column in the newspaper which is published. It never writes in any other place. Any quotation will be break of copyrights and Abd-rights. So, it is requested to use it addressing my book “Islamda Astroloji” and "Kabenin Hayat Şifreleri- Sembollrin dili" (The life codes of Kaaba and the language of the symbols Book publised n Istanbul 1st Edition) my name as Ayhan Özcimbit.

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