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8 Nisan 2015 Çarşamba

Why is Mohammad's Grave in Madina? Why not in Macca?

When Mohammad looked for a place for having support, he decided to go Taif City. He could not find the support which he wanted. He was stoned by the people of Taif City. He difficultly saved his life hiding in Vinery. A Christian man gave him water in vinery. Christians even Mohammad's wife's Cousin supported Mohammad because of the message's truth.

Unfortunately his uncle Abu Lahab refused the message because of his arrogance. Some day he visited his nephew Mohammad to ask about the new religion. 
"Nephew! Please tell me. What will I have if I follow Islam?"
Mohammad said "Uncle, you will have what Zaid (His freed Muslim slave) will"
Abu Lahab was very angry, looked at Zaid arrogantly and said "I never accept a religion which make me equal with a former slave"
He went and was one of the biggest enemy of Islam. His name was written in Quran as a message to Human being "Even if Mohammad's Uncle could not save himself, so do not think that your noble (!) blood, race, clan can save you" That's why his name written on Quran as a symbol of Arrogance and Proud Nobility's end.

Quran never writes names of people normally. Only two men were written from the time of Mohammad around. Another person must be opposite and must be ABU BAKR, I looked for his name but he was not written even if he was the first Caliph after Mohammad. Why was he not written in Koran by name? 

(It was freed Muslim slave Zaid's name was written in Quran. I will explain the reason right after few Mohammad's Journey.)

Mohammad was invited by Medina people and promised him to be Muslim and help his endeavours. They met in Aqaba district and made an agreement. One of the newly Muslim said;
- Mohammad!, I would like to see the seal of the prophethood that was on your neck. I am satisfied with your message but I would like to see it.

Medina converted to Islam very quickly. But why? Why not Taif? Why not his city Mecca?

I asked this question when I was atheist and found the answer after my investigations. I think I was the first person who asked this question in Islamic History. Unfortunately Most Muslims never ask questions about their religion afraid of loosing faith. However I had no faith long time ago so I could ask many questions. Thank God, after reading much and finding answers combining the results then I converted to Islam ( Not because of Muslims, because of Thinking and Reading Koran according to The Downloading Order from the God - Starting Alaq Chapter, Not Fatiha Chapter).

There were many Jews in Medina before Islam. They always spoke about the new prophet, because they had the information that a new messenger would come to Medina. They had expected that this new messenger would be the son of Isaac ( who was son of Abraham). However The God sent a new messenger from sons of Ishmael ( Elder Son of Abraham ). Jews in Medina were very disappointed and they refused him because of racial reasons. But Arabs had heard about this new Prophet, he would be orphan, trustable, brave, ( Even his star sign -Aries etc).

When Mohammad declared his message in Macca, first people who took care of this were in Madina. They told themselves "This man is the one who the Jews in Medina talking about, he is the one who described". Many started to convert. Some of little group even in Jewish community converted to Islam. 

Mohammad started his journey to Medina when he could not find opportunity to stay in Macca. One night he and his friend set on the road to Medina by the guidance of a man who was very well about road and route findings.

They came to Madina and everybody was very happy in there.

Zaid was not from Macca or Madina. He was kidnapped when he was 8 and sold in Macca as slave. Mohammad bought him and freed Zaid. He gave Zaid a love of elder brother/father. People in Macca and Madina called Zaid as Son Of Mohammad ( Zaid bin Mohammad). The God never accepted this calling and ordered to call his name with his father in Yemen ( A country in South of Arabia). Then he was called as Zaid bin Harris.

His father Harris found his Son in Madina and requested Mohammad to take his young son back to Yemen. Mohammad said "I never force him to stay here. If he comes with you, of course he can".

Harris happily went to his son's house to take back to Yemen. He said "Son! I took permission from Mohammad and we can go to Yemen".

Zaid was not happy and said "I can't"
"Why? Why not?" said Harris.
"Dad! I love you but I cannot come with you"
"ARE YOU CRAZY? Didn't you miss your MOM, Brothers, sisters, country, Yemen, City where you were born? Didn't you miss your friends, your mothers food?" said Harris.
"I did. I missed them all. There is no day without thinking of you, my country, but I can never leave this city (Medina) and this man (Mohammad), these people (Medina People). I have a mission here" said Zaid crying.

I had always thought that Abu Bakr was the man who gave up many things from Islam. He was the second man in Islam traditionally. But he was not. Second man of Islam was Zaid and his name was written in Koran because of his sincerity in mission. Please imagine, he did not go back to his country leaving the mission. He was the man who was insulted by Abu Lahab as slave.

Allah ( THE God) does not care of blood, he looks our hearts. That's why the opposite of Abu Lahab was ZAİD BIN HARISS.

After many difficulties and life tests Quran was about to complete. There was a chapter in Quran about the people who will be donated. Orphans, widows, the poor, all people those in need and people whose hearts were to be won. So Mohammad started to give many gifts to the ones who newly converted to Islam such as Abu Sufian who governed once in Macca. 

When Mohammad gave these gifts to them, Madina people were very worried and asked questions themselves such as "Will Mohammad leave us? Will he go back to Macca? Will he forget us?" When these questions directly asked to Ali who was groom and cousin of Mohammad, he reflected these questions to Mohammad, he immediatly requested him to collect all the people from Madina in a place.

He started speaking his conversation about the incidents that happened in the past.

"Oh Sisters and Brothers! We suffered a lot. I came here from Macca. My relatives and neighbours did not want me to live in Macca. You opened your arms and we stand for Islam togather. We won the victory. Today, Taif, Macca and many other places were conquested by your help. The conquest of heart is more important of conqest of land. So today, many macca women and men took gifted camels, horses, gold ( he meant that all those things were given to win their hearts). They will go riding the wealth of world. However, you Madina Sisters and Brothers! Today you will take me to Madina, you conqested my heart and I Will NEVER leave you.”

Yes! Mohammad could not go to Mecca his Hometown. He was not able to go. Because of the same reason of ZAID. Even ZAID could not go, how he would do.

Today, his grave is in Medina and millions of Muslims are visiting his grave without questioning why his grave is in Medina. It is because of LOYALITY and LOVE. This is ethic…

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