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6 Kasım 2017 Pazartesi


Codes of Jesus Cross 
( Christian Astrology )

The Cross and Kaaba of Muslims have relations. Kaaba means Cube in Arabic language. And Kaaba's corners indicating four compass directions that mean air for east, earth for the north, fire for the west and water for the south. There are some verses in The Bible about planets stars such as Luke 21:25 "There are signs in the sun, Moon and stars". There are more signs than these verses. This article has been written to reveal the cover over The Christian Astrology which has not been thought over Cross and Jesus. 

Jesus Christ is believed to have been cruisified because of Human sins. What are those sins? Let us have a look.

AIR SINS:  The nail and pain in right palm is Air Sins such as arrogance. Arrogance is the most beloved sin of Satan. Roman soldier started nailing by the right hand of Jesus. When he hit the hammer on the east wall of Kaaba symbolicly fell down out side. The east corner where muslims start to circumambulate around of Kaaba.

EARTH SINS: There was a barbed wire on Jesus head and his head was bleeding down on his face. Barbed wire is used for defining Areas, Fields, Farms. It is the symbol of defining land, fighting for land, fighting for money, and killing each other for the wealth. This is the symbol of the north corner of the Kaaba where the langest continent, Eurasia and all the rich capitals and cities where they are rich and are expected to help the other poor parts of the world ( Africa).

FIRE SINS: Soldier started nailing Jesus Left palm which indicates ( Hot Sahara) the fire sins such as Adultery, fornication, infidelity and Violance, Oppression. His marrige finger on left hand was very hot and Africa and Wild west where millions of African Blacks and Red Skins were killed mercilessly. This is the west wall and its starting corner of the Kaaba which is Ramadan (means Oven) stopping to eat and drink just to remember the poor Africans in Somalia, Sudan Chad State living in Sahara. When there is persecution violence the west wall of Kaaba falls down out side ...

WATER SINS: Roman soldier took the last nail in his hand and he was ready to nail Jesus feed on the Cross. Feed is the root, Feed is Pisces in Astrology, Pisces is water element. This is the southern corner and the wall of Kaaba that represents the oceans of the South hemisphere, where there is more water (sea, oceans) than the land, where there is more clean drinking water (Antartica). Our roots are our mother not father. We have to be like mothers thinking, helping without expecting anything. When we are fascist and racist rootist this was the pain of Jesus Christ. This sin, racism, discrimination make the south wall and corner of Kaaba down out side. Pilgrim Shroud dressing, sacrifice, regration, repentence, penitence, forgiveness, amnesty, pilgrimage (journey to Mecca), which is the symbol of Death. However, when we do not forgive other people and when we are not regretful about what we have done as sins, Jesus feels the pain on his feet too. The south wall of Kaaba falls down when we are racist and staying in the past and not forgiving...

Christian Astrology has revealed that there are four edges of the Cross just like the four corners of Kaaba, Jesus felt pains from four ways so that they falls down outside by these sins when we do ( or we nail jesus hands and feet by our sins). Jesus has not died in Muslim faith, but he feels the pain by our sins too..

Muslims and Christians must start thinking deeply, detailing their religions starting from their books first. They are muslims or Christians without reading Koran or Bible ( Are they Really?). Both books have gotten a lot of common messages from four lights flashing from Jesus Pains and Kaaba Walls.

I have written more about faith in my Astrology books.

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