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6 Ekim 2016 Perşembe

Why do Turks Support President Erdogan?

The western media never stops making bad news about President of Turkey. Since 2010, Erdogan has been declared as new bad guy instead of Saddam, Khomeini, Hamaney, Qaddafi. Why did the Western Media start allegations over Erdogan? Why was he declared bad guy? Why do Turks still support him? How long will Erdogan keep ruling Turkey?

There are a lof of questions on minds. I will reply these questions and more of them which the people of the west never ask themselves too.

In 2001 Erdogan had started walking together by the West and Fethullah Gulen as well. Because Erdogan already knew that no one in Turkey could rule the country without cooperating by The West and Gulen’s Group. The centre of The West is London. USA and Israel are stoned by Muslims but they have never seen the UK behind the West. London has always known how to hide itself. The USA is a new country that has not got experience as much as The UK has. London has been ruling a lot of countries by the experience of being an Empire. Many books all around the world have been stolen and carried to the Libraries in London. Academy of Politics in London is always Number 1. So, the Muslims and the Left Wing in Turkey and Islamic World have not seen hidden hands of UK for a long time. Since 2010, Erdogan has made a change. When he let Hakan Fidan to manage the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT), Gulen and London understood that many things would change in Turkey too. Government started aiming to finish Terror in Turkey. Negotiations with PKK would end the war that began in 1980. London and Washington established ISIL in 2010 and used ISIL against PKK, YPG, Syria and Turkey. ISIL attacked to Kurds in Syria and Northern Iraq and started killing Kurds as well. It was very hard for PKK to leave the weapons because of ISIL. PKK has been forced to break the peace with Turkish Government and cease fire. Gulen has played a big role to achieve this. How?

1-Gulen’s men in Media has announced the Oslo Peace talks and Government and PKK negotiations(1). They tried Turks to be against Government.

2-Uludere Massacre in 2011, Gulen’s officers in Turkish Police Department announced the Gulen’s officers in Turkish Army that some PKK Terrorists crossing the border. Then Turkish war-crafts killed many Kurdish civilians(2). This even could not break the negotiations for peace. Government and PKK kept themselves cool.

3-Reyhanli Suicide Bombing, Gulen’s men in Turkish Police Intelligence Service knew that the bombing attack would be done in Reyhanli Town but they never informed the MIT ( National Intelligence Service) just to show the people that MIT was weak and Hakan Fidan did not do his job well(3). Gulen’s officers had closed the security cams in the town’s streets just to blind the Suicide bombing.

4-MIT Trucks heading Syria, Gulen’s men in Turkish Army and Gulen’s Procecutor arrested MIT Agents on Trucks heading to Syria. Turkish government has helped the opposition Syrian Turkish Groups in the West of Syria against Syrian Government(4). Gulen’s men claimed that there were weapons on Trucks for ISIL. Western Media supported and led by London liked this news and started declaring Erdogan and his Party as Terrorists. After coup attempt on 15th of July 2016, all these plans have been made by Gulen’s men in Army, Police and Ministry of Justice.

5-Gezi Event in Taksim, Istanbul City Governor and head of Police dep. Have been arrested because of being member of Gulen’s Terror Group(5). They ordered the police to attack on demonstrators violently. Gulen’s Police officers shot on faces of the demonstrators and burnt their tents to make them angry and attract the sympathy of the society to obtain public support and to turn the demonstration into a public riot. They succeeded because of police attack, more and more people joined the rebels.

6-Suruç Suicide Bombing; Nato Officer and Gulen’s man Adem Huduti has been arrested because of coup attempt and there are strong evidences about his agreement with PKK over Feto. Gulen’s terror organisation Feto and its members in Police Dept. have closed the security cams in Suruc Town(6).

7-Gulen’s officiers ordered to hit Russian war crafts to break the Russo Turkish relations. That way, Erdogan and Putin would be separated and they would be easy target to finish both countries. Russian war crafts were hit by the Feto Pilots in Turkish Army and all good relations got broken. Erdogan had to fight in both areas, in the west and in the east. However Russia learnt that Gulen’s power in Turkish Army in February. They understood that this was the plan of Gulen who was backed by UK and US. Putin and Erdogan started sending soft friendly messages each other (7).

As it is seen obliviously, Gulen and his relation with The West tried to make trouble in Turkey just same as Brasil, Venezuella etc.
Turks know all these things happened since 2010. That is why voters increased their support for Erdogan. Now, Gulen is still in USA and US Government is not eager to give Gulen back to Turkish Authorities. Turkish people are very angry with USA because of these events. Moreover all coup officers in Turkish Army were also Nato Officers. Nato and Feto are the same on Turkish minds.

8- Since 1980, Turkey has been alone on her own confilict with PKK, Daeş. Turkey has never seen any remarkable support from Nato and Nato members against PKK. Turkey and Turks noted this very well and they never trusted in The West specially seeing Nato weapons in PKK hands(8).

Turks are far from the west now and getting closer to Russia and the East. Turkey has been trying to be member of EU but even if Turkey has better economy and reforms more than many EU countries Turkey has always been refused so this made Turks tired and started hating EU, US, UK. Some warm messages from The West are not believable any more. Turks have not seen serious warm support against PKK or ISIL. All supports have always been on tongues up to now.

Despite the signatures, visa liberalisation promise of EU has not been realized and Turks have been treated as black death.

Eu, USA and UK have to revise their policies over Turkey. Otherwise Turkey and Turks will never ever turn their faces to the West. This will return to The west losing power in Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, Pakistan, Black Sea, Caucasia, Balkans even in Latin America. Because Brasilian demonstrators against USA were waving Turkish Flags. This must be a strong message for them if they are really able to understand(9).

(9)   http://www.habervaktim.com/haber/482906/brezilyada-darbe-karsiti-gosterilerde-turk-bayragi-actilar.html  

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