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13 Aralık 2016 Salı


The western Media, especially in Germany, UK and USA call Erdogan as a dictator. How can an elected president be called as“Dictator? This is a bit strange and contradiction. In fact, Erdogan has continued peace process with PKK long time.  He opened a first government Kurdish TV Channel. He is the person who lifted every ban over Kurdish Culture, way of living. Kurds are freer with his policies. PKK got a lot of advantages during the time of Erdogan Governance. So, why has Erdogan turned back? Why is he called as “Tyrannical Dictator”?

Many people in Turkey were against to Peace Process with PKK, and many did not like the Kurdish State Channel. Citizens were afraid of Federal Turkey too. That is why Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) was strongly against Government’s policies about The Process and Talks with PKK. Even many people who love Erdogan did not like his Kurdish Policies. He has taken risks and bravely kept on following the same policies ignoring what is said. If he did not follow this policy he would be able to get more votes in Turkey. However he really wanted to finish this problem peacefully. He was so closed to solve this problem but he was not permitted to do this? 

By Who?

London is still governing the World even USA is not taking steps without asking London’s Experience. If Erdogan had solved the Ethnical Problems in Turkey, he would be very strong and this was not going to be permitted of course. Erdogan would get the support of whole Kurds too and may lead all Middle East and whole Islamic World as unofficial Caliph.

Gulen had sent HDP Party his man who has been former journalist, Dumanli, working for Zaman Newspaper, Gulen’s man requested them not stop fighting against Turkey, he brought the Message of Gulen and his promise for supporting HDP in coming elections. Terror secondly had to be raised.

Officers who work for FETO ( Gulenists) closed the security cams in Suruc Town just before the Suicide Bombing. Many Kurds died and PKK started blaming government supporting ISIL. Terror action has already known by FETO but instead of stopping, they helped suicide bombing too. This was a turning point of PKK, because PKK’s city Terror group TAK killed two police officers while they were sleeping in their apartment. Security cams had been closed by FETO too. PKK announced that “Peace Talks” were over. They started to kill officers in the Eastern Turkey. First attack was in Manzikert (Malazgirt) where the Turks had won a great victory against United Army of Byzantium and Crusades in 1071. This was not a coincidence of course. This was a message from Illuminati.

Big majority of people in Turkey has known this since it happened, but how about the people in the West? They always repeated all the same media stories over Erdogan. He was called “Dictator, Tyranny, Thief, ISIL Terror Supporter etc.” In fact, he has been the only leader really fight against The ISIL. ISIL was bombing Turkey’s centres but Western media had always covered the news. Because Western Media never asks “WHYS? WHAT FORS?” They are not interested in reality they are always working for Satanic Illuminati which is governed by London Political Academy.

Erdogan has been a first president who loudly says to New World Order bosses “STOP!”. They never earn enough Money from Turkish Interest Bonds and Funds anymore. So, Erdogan had to go for them. If Erdogan leaves Turkey they will start earning high interest Money again over Turkish Labour Class. 

Just a few hours before the terror attack in Istanbul, BBC had hired a place having a nice
view for broadcasting. Was this a coincidence? Of course NOT!

People in Turkey have seen all these things. Terror is the weapon of EU, UK and USA. PKK and FETO have never ever criticized UK or US. PKK is so called communist, anti-capitalist organisation, isn’t it? So why have PKK or FETO  NOT criticized these capitalist countries which are enemy of Communism? They are Many questions but these questions are not asked in the Western Media. NEVER!

They made people in The West silly, idiots and robots by their news which are leading them to the complete wrong. They have silly ideas over Erdogan and Turkey without living and knowing the country.

Yes, Erdogan is dictator for them because of ignoring dictations of Rothschild, Kissinger, London, and Rockefeller. If Erdogan had followed what they had dictated, he would not be called “Dictator” today. Erdogan should be declared as dictator so that way PKK, FETO and other Terror organisations are to be justified for their terror attacks. Erdogan is guilty because of his non-compromised hard policies. This is exactly what western media tries to make people believe in. The most people in the West take these pills without drinking water.

This replies the question at the top.

The people in The West who read this article are supposed to know that Turkey is very happy with Erdogan who says “NO” to the Novus Ordo Secularum.

We Turks, never ever kneel at dictations of the WEST. We keep fighting against PKK, FETO, ISIL terror organisations of Dictator LONDON.

Satanic Illuminati!!! We know what you are trying to do. However you cannot succeed…


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