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31 Aralık 2016 Cumartesi

Why has Karlow been assassinated? Real Reason...

When Karlow was killed by Turkish police officer, President Erdogan and Putin made a declaration about the assassination. Both of them declared that this assassination had targeted to Russo-Turkish Relations and Syrian Peace Process. This is not fully true. Why?

Please read carefully...

When this assassination happened in Ankara and The Killer shouted "Freedom for Syria" "Russia get out of Syria" etc supporting FSA war resistance against the Syrian Regime of Asad everybody thought that America / The West planned a new process breaking the relations in between Russia and Turkey. I have also thought the same way at the beginning. However when I was on the plane while flying to Turkey last week, I read some news about the view of the Muslims from Morocco till Indonesia, some Muslims were sharing the killer police picture thinking him a sincere Muslim hero who paid attention for Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been the leader of Islamic especially Sunni Islamic World from Rabat till Jakarta, from Kazan till Darussalam since he said “One Minute to Israel”. Londonese upper mind has planned to damage the prestige of Erdogan and his vision over Islamic community all over the world which has been occurred since then. 

Just because of this assassination, Erdogan has been shown the World Muslims as a President who does not care of Islam and Syria, he is the man following Turkey's interests and cooperating with the enemies of Muslims (Russia and Iran) and killing Kurds. Yes, BBC, CNN and all other western journalists are writing and pumping this vision to World so English speaking Muslims started believing this mess. ISIL which was established by London and supported and armed by NATO is telling its members that Erdogan is a Qafir (None-believer) Turkey is a Dar-ul-harb (Islamic War Area) so London is willing to spread the war of ISIL all over in Turkey. Osmanli Ocaklari which has been established by Feto is also trying to Alawi (Turkish Shia) to revolt (by painting Alawi house doors or walls) against the Government. They try to open a way for internal war.

So we can definitely say that this assassination of the West which they ordered FETO to do has found its aim. Erdogan has been criticized by the Muslims cooperating with Putin and Iran. Arab League called Russia and Turkey to give Duty for observatory delegates to follow the Peace Process and Cease Fire. Arab League has been controlled by London for a long time, whatever London says they do without hesitating because most of the Arab leaders have no personality, courage and willing to be against to UK, US or Satanic Illuminati.

BBC and British Authorities are planning new terrorist actions because they started warning their citizens not to go to Turkey these days. They already know where and when there will be a terror attack. People in Turkey noted that BBC had already known renting the flat accordingly where the terror attack would be. Turkish security forces must follow the BBC journalists so they can guess where there will be an attack.

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