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23 Kasım 2016 Çarşamba


Since Erdogan decided not to do what The West want him to do, The Western Media has started attacks writting againist President Erdogan. Erdogan is always a bad topic on Media  of The West. The First serious attact of The West was Gezi Riot in Istanbul. The West wanted Erdogan not to build 3rd Airport, YSS Bridge over The Bosphorus and Canal Istanbul. Erdogan knew the game and refused all the demands. They(West) kept on attacking on Erdogan using their puppet FETO Terror organisation on 17th of December 2013. There were many other attacts that Turks did not know.

Lastly, on 15th of July 2016 The West did its big shot by Feto once again. However People in Turkey were againist to The Coup supported by The West. Turks laid the blame on USA, they were right because The USA have not given Gulen back to Turkey yet. Moreover, Feto had good relations with Hillary Clinton and The Democratic Party in US. Gulen donated a lot of Money for the election campaigns of Clinton. When Trump won the elections Gulen was very disappointed. There are many questions over Trump’s governence. Will Trump return Gulen? Will New Government give up Middle East  policies of UK? How will the relations with Turkey be?

I myself am hopeless about Trump’s possible policies. He wil not able to realize his promisses because The US were goeverned by The Rich such as Rotchild and Rockefeller. These two men and some allience like them ruled the USA all the time. They will try to do this again by their men in brocracy.

How about Putin? Can he stand tall? Erdogan’s support has been fresh air for him since the warcraft crisis. Russian Federation understood that the aircraft was hit by Feto/Nato allience just to break the relations of Turkey with Russia. That way both leaders would be alone and The West would eat two big fish easily. However Erdogan’s Apology was on time just before the Coup Attempt.
Erdogan feels himself very powerful after increasing good relations with Russia. Nevertheless, his biggest power comes from Islamic World, he is an inofficial Caliph of Islam. He is loved from Morocco till Indonesia, from Tartarstan till Tansania in Africa. A somalian poor child and his mother are praying for Erdogan while they are drinking clean water of the well that has been built by TIKA a Turkish Relief Organisation.

In New York’s UN Meeting, there were two men at the dinner table of Erdogan, one was Rotchild and the otherone was Kissenger. They told Erdogan not to resist the power of The West and treathened him to damage the Turkish Economy. Erdogan was very angry and refused their demands once again. A friend of mine near that table was the ear witness about the conversation. I cannot reveal his name of course. When Erdogan came back to Turkey, Credit Degree organisations reduced Turkey’s Degree. Erdogan knew who did this and said “Turkey’s economy is not going to be pulled down by the ordered Degree of the Evil”.

Erdogan has been the strongest and the most independent President of Turkey since Ataturk’s Time. Even more stronger than Ataturk. Because Erdogan got the power of not only Turkish Nation but also most Muslims in the World. So, whan can Erdogan do to be more powerful and pull down the West?

1-      The Central Bank of Islamic World in Istanbul: Long time ago, Erdogan took the Central Bank of Turkey from Ankara to Istanbul. Istanbul is not only a finance centre of Turkey but also the World’s. Now, there is a big chance of Turkey to make Istanbul the Finance Centre of Muslims in The World by establising the Islamic Central Bank. Erdogan’s Finance Plan will be supported by Katar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc many other Muslim countries.

2-      The International Islamic University of Istanbul: This university is a must, a lot od scholars from the different part of the World can give lectures. This University should be not only the Islamic religious sciences such as Tafsir, Siyer-i Nabi  but also engineering, Art, Music etc. This will keep Islamic Community focused on education. This sort of University will break UK’s ISIS plan. They will never ever create a terror machines just to keep control of Middle East.

3-      International War School of Turkey in Ankara: The Third step, right after Money and education, is sopposed to be defence of Muslim countries. New war tecniques and using Turkish weapons will help Turkey’s War Industries’ Export and allience with Muslim countries. Politically this will be a wonderful chance Turkey’s influence over the West. This will create a great opportunity for Muslim countries to build its own common projects.

4-      Muslims Common Air and Navy Bases oversea countries: Turkey can lead muslim countries for common Air and Navy bases in (such as) Indonesia, Malasia, Morocco, Moritania, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanstan etc. Nato is destroying Afghanstan and doing nothing in there. The Problems in Afghanstan can be solved with common Islamic Army. “Muslims solve their problems with Muslims”.

5-      Common Fund Of Islamic Countries: This fund can help fort he reserves and relief fort he Poor Muslim countries specially after consumed oil sources, global warming’s results, natural disasters, earthquakes. Turkey can coordinate all the Money for making more and spending on the right place.

Please let us imagine, what happens if Erdogan does this organisations as inofficial Caliph of Islam? Just let us think a little while…

We are NOT kneel in front of The West. We are inshallah going to win this war…

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