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21 Ocak 2017 Cumartesi


Obama has governed USA very long time. He was the first coloured and Muslim named president of USA. This was a strong message for Africa and Islamic world, after broken relations by 9/11. American deep state policy had made him a president. He has done his job well and gone.

Obama was like a typical republican president. His governance established ISIL and made terror in Syria against Russia and Iran planning establishing PKK land as well. He also supported FETO which is terror organisation trying to do crackdown. America and its vision in Turkey have lost. America would be nothing without Turkey’s loyal support. However when USA lost Turkey’s trust, it would be so tough to be in Middle East.

 After the crackdown attempt on 15th July 2016 in Turkey, Turkey and Russia came closer and closer each other against the West lead by London and Washington.

President Trump's Inauguration Speech gave some codes about his governance. On the other hand, all coloured, Hispanic etc American were in panic and started the riot on the streets.

Trump emphasized that one republic, one strong nation, one country and every American has got the same blood colour. This speech was a first clue about what he would do.

If he independently resist the power of USA such as Rothschild, Rockefeller etc who controls the 150 Trillion Dollars, then USA will have a chance to be better place in the World. Otherwise USA will be the country of Chaos, Catastrophe and terror. The people of USA who are against to Trump regime do not know that Trump will fight the enemy of USA such as Rothschild (Satanic Illuminati).

Following days will show every one of us what will happen in USA. Trump should keep the control of CIA, FBI and Pentagon first (Just like Erdogan did in Turkey).

Chief of CIA should be changed at first. This is the starting point to govern the country efficiently. Otherwise there is no meaning of being a president.

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