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11 Ocak 2017 Çarşamba

Why do London and Washington NOT want a new Constitution in Turkey?

 Why do they try to stop the process over CHP (Republican People’s Party)?

Since 1922, a lot of things have changed in Turkey and in the world. Turkey got independence in Lausanne in that year. Ataturk, who was the founder of modern Turkey, had already known what the West wanted. Turkey was so young, tired of Balkan war in 1912, World War I. in 1914, independence war from 1919 till 1922. Half of the nation was ill, men died in wars and there were kids, women and the elderly. Facts were different in those days, Turkey did not have much to chose.  Lausanne was the guaranty of UK, US and all western Countries to control the power in Turkey.


1-      All presidents in Turkey were the head of the nation but they (Except Ataturk and Erdogan) did not have enough power to keep the control of the country. They were like notary what National Parliament wanted.

2-      National Parliament was much divided and there were always political stability problems and Turkish Army had to join the governance process to balance for Turkish so called Left party CHP.

3-      CHP (Republican People’s Party) never wanted to change itself. This party named itself as Social Democratic Party as well but in the statements of the party leaders very rarely used these words. CHP could never be a northern European Social Democratic Party. Normally, a social democratic Party was the defender of every sort of freedoms, freedom of speech and expression are the main weapons of Social democrats against to conservatives who resist to every sort of positive changing. CHP was very happy of the status quo. That is why this party has always been the representative of conservatives in Turkey. Surprisingly, CHP has been in International Social Democrats’ Union.

4-      Since CHP never wanted to change itself for the sake of Country’s development, The Right Parties wanted to do some reforms in the country and CHP has always been the Party of NO vote in Parliament. They always resisted to freedom of Kurds rights, wearing Headscarf in Offices of Government etc.

5-      CHP called itself the protector and defender of Ataturk principals and Lausanne treaty instead of defending freedoms.

These days Turkey is discussing and voting new constitution, CHP never supported this constitution defending ridiculously that this would finish freedoms in Turkey. Is it really?

In fact this constitution will empower The President, there will not be very dived parliament, so this will speed the parliament to take decisions and Turkey need it very much.

Moreover, CHP will have to change itself and change the mission too. Otherwise Turkey will create brand new Social Democrat Party instead of CHP.

Actually, Kemal Kilictaroglu has not been an energetic intellectual and powerful party leader since he was chosen. There have been a lot of rumours that Deniz Baykal sex tape was filmed by FETO (Terror Organisation of Fethullah Gulen) just to make Kilictaroglu the head of Party to resist the Government policies even if they were for the interests of State.

CHP had planned to organise huge demonstrations but it was unsuccessful because of the bad weather.

In any case, a real social democratic party is a must in Turkey because they are the left hemisphere of the state's brain.

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