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16 Mart 2015 Pazartesi

Personality and Idendity of Mohammad's Sunnah ( Principals )

Today, Most of Muslim countries follow the idenditical Sunnah of Mohammad. They try to eat like him, dress like him and imitate his Arabic and traditional side. When you read Koran you never see that The God says what to dress but how to dress. Covering body with loose dress is ok. Many Muslims clean their teeth by Miswaq which was used by Mohammad.

Following Mohammad according to his dress, way of eating etc is idenditical Sunnah and this is never written in Koran.

Koran tells us to share our food, never tells us to eat by hands an licking fingers.

In fact Muslims do not follow Koran but Hadith Books that are believed that they are told by Muhammad. In Koran The God directly talks to the people on earth. Hadith speaks to Muslims. Many Hadiths are contradicted to Koran Verses.

For Instance;

The God says that He created the life for the test of people.

The Hadith Kutsi says that He created the Life only for the Mohammad's Love and sake.

In fact these sort of hadiths are mostly the great wall of Message. Most them are not really told by Muhammad. Some hadiths are enemy of Women, their education.

Another problem is the approach to The Koran. Muslims must consider that Koran has been brought by Gabriel  in 23 years and this book must be taught people in time. If this (23 Years period) process is ignored then Islam easily turns Muslims into terrorists. 

Most Islamic countries are ignorant and if the ignorant get religious then they will get astray more...

Let us look early years of Islam!

Al Khwarizmi was the man who discovered Zero and the one who helped Math and Computer Programming mentality with his Algorithm.

His methodology is, to break the problem into many pieces and solve it timingly.

He discovered this  from Koran's downloading time (23 Years). Koran's Macca and Madina verses are different.

Someday, The West will discover Koran after breaking the walls of prejudice.


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